02. Setting Up TrakIT

The below steps outline the initial setup instructions for TrakIT. This section assumes you have the System Administrator role. Please contact TrakIT support for any additional assistance or guidance.

Geography & Access
Go to Admin > Geography & Access and create the geographical structure of your region and offices. The recommended hierarchy is Top (Global) > Region/Cluster > Country > City > Depot/Port/CFS. To create a new geographical item, select on the parent item and click Create.
For full guidance, see Geography & Access

Master Tables
Go to Admin > Master Tables. Select the following tables and populate the following tables: Event/Data Definitions, Offices and Shipment Types. You may populate more tables, but only these three are required for the initial setup.
For full guidance, see Master Tables.

Role Management
Go to Admin > Role Management. Select the Role Masters tab and create the required user roles as per your organisation. Once you have created the role, go to the Role Customisation tab and define the actions that each role can make.

User Management
Go to Admin > User Management and create new users.
For full guidance, see User Management to know more about the user creation and modification.

Workflow Definitions
Go to Admin > Workflow Definitions to start creating new workflows.
For full guidance see Workflow Definitions.