This section has two sub sections: Uploaded Documents and Document Check list.
1. Uploaded Documents
This section displays the list of documents attached to the work order as follows: 

Click on  icon to download any document. 
Click on  icon to preview any document. 
Click on  icon to cancel any document. A cancelled document appears in light red color and is still available for download. You can also click on Reinstate Document to recover the document after cancelling it.
Click on  icon to completely delete the document from the work order. Some documents cannot be deleted (usually generated forms)

To add a new document, click the 'Add Document' button. The following window pops-up:
Up to 10 MB size of documents can be uploaded in one go.
  1. Slide the button to Yes if document will be shared across all work orders with the same Bill of Lading and No if the document is specific only to this work order
  2. Slide the button to Yes if the document is available for Customer.
  3. Type in the name and select any Users to Notify. The users will receive an email notification about the documents being uploaded.
  4. Click on the 'Save' button to upload the document(s).

Emailing Documents

Users can email multiple documents. Select the documents to be emailed and click on the 'Email Docs' button to email this document to users and/or entities. The following dialog-box appears:

Select appropriate recipients and click on the 'Send' button.
2. Document Checklist
Document checklist provides an overview of all documents for the shipment.
Clicking on the status of a document allows you to change the status of a document. 

The name of the user changing the status is logged. An entry is made into the Work Order Audit log as well.