Form History

The Form History page displays the entire form history for a selected workflow. This list can be viewed in entirety or based on the filters - Reference No., WorkOrder ID, Created By and/or Generated Form (name of the form) as per requirement. The following columns are displayed:

Reference No. Displays the reference number of the form.
Generated Form Displays the name of the form along with a download link.
Work Order Displays the work order number to which the form is attached.
T/D Indicates if this form is applicable to all transport documents in the workflow.
Workflow Name Displays the name of the workflow to which this form is linked.
Actual Days Displays the actual number of days that have passed since the container entered the workflow.
Created By Displays the name of the user who has created the form template.
Created On Displays the time and date on which the form was created/last modified.